Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Stand for the National Anthem?

Once again, the political divide erupts!  This time amid controversy over National Football League (NFL) players refusing to stand for the playing of the National Anthem before the start of games.  Once again, President Trump, speaking extemporaneously in his raw manner, touches a nerve.   This is a complex issue with many parts.

For many who feel intimidated into silence in the public square there was a great cheer in hearing the president say “throw that son of a bitch off the field” for using the National Anthem in protest.  But that comment and associated Tweets about specific athletes also caused a defensive reaction among many professional football players and other athletes to circle the wagons.  The NFL and team owners, already suffering declining ratings at least in part related to the national anthem protests of last year saw the President’s comments, particularly calls for boycotting the NFL if they did not act on the issue, as a threat to their bottom line.